Coping up with loss

avinashTuesday, September 15, 2015

We have all experienced loss in different spheres of our lives. Where some lost their loved ones, favorite things, and in this process of losing, some ended up losing themselves! Today I want to draw your attention to losing a loved one and its dire consequences. A devastating tragedy indeed of an unfortunate couple losing their only beloved son. From the beginning we have all been taught and told that death is a phenomenon that cannot be prevented or stopped, but today after the incident that took place in Delhi due to sheer carelessness and insensitivity of the medical authorities, I believe that sometimes death can be prevented if a person gets sufficient medical care on time. I personally believe that this is not fate , this is irresponsibility because one hasn’t tried his/her level best to save the life of a young boy barely 7yrs of age, who lost his life suffering from Dengue a disease which is curable if diagnosed and medicated on time. Avinash Rout was his name an extremely talented and capable boy who was loved, liked and admired by his parents, teachers and friends. But the bad news hasn’t ended here.. After the unexpected death of Avinash his parents couldn’t take the trauma and committed suicide by jumping from the terrace of the building they lived in. So here we have lost three lives because of the lack of concern and alertness of people and why I am saying that is because Avinash wasn’t taken to one but five hospitals and still ended up losing his life, because he was refused admission. It was an extremely emotional moment when the Principal of  the Sahodya School in South Delhi asked the students of his class ‘’who is Avinash Routs friend?’’ and the entire class of 39 students raised their hands without any hesitation, which rarely happens in today’s schools. A boy who was and will be remembered for times to come for his intelligence, innocence and for being the one who never complained for anything at all, say his teachers.  Contentment with what one has is not a quality seen in most of the individuals today and I personally salute this boy of 7 for not being like others and that is what makes him special and a class apart. While speaking about Avinash, his class teacher, Sister Prabha, took out his notebook: revision tests with full marks; a drawing of a traffic signal with red, yellow and green lights; a labelled sketch of the human face, again full marks. A boy with a bright future, brought up with lots of love and a strong emphasis on moral values left us with memories of pride and at the same time with a lot of sorrow. Today was declared a holiday due to his sad demise in his school. I really hope and pray that Avinash and his parents are in a happier place and may their souls rest in peace. As far as medical authorities are concerned strict action should be taken against the hospitals who rejected Avinash due to the lack of beds. One can understand some of the pressures,  but each and every hospital had the capacity of making alternative arrangements. The Hospital authorities should seriously introspect. There is no way now that this tragic event can be reversed or changed but the only way one can do justice to Avinash and his family is by making sure that such a big crime shall not be repeated again.

By writing this article today I pay a tribute to him and this is the least I can do.

Remember we live life only once, and it is critically important to live it well for yourself and for others…

So stay empathetic and pay it forward…

Signing out

The Girl in Vogue…

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Free Yourself

September 9th, Wednesday ,10:22 p.m
Free yourself from judgement and laugh on the shallow comments passed by strangers..
Free yourself from worry,and in a leap of faith  jump into the sky and build your wings on the way…
What is freedom without risks? Take it as an adventure placing your life in the game of probabilities. ..
We celebrate freedom, and let go of doubt enjoying it blissfully and gathering well-wishers to join the walk of amazing grace .
Are you free yet ?No you are not, as empty words do not manifest into witnessed actions…
Oh! mighty one… free yourself! What are you waiting for? Who are you waiting for? Boldly bang open the doors of falsehood and taste freedom now…
You are the enemy of your inner truth , scared of commiting mistakes,  mortified to face criticism…
Your soul is trembling in sorrow,  sow your seed and nurture it …its not the time of then or the the time to come, it is the time of now…be brave be strong.
You shy ,little frail lamb, disguised as a mighty victorious saviour….what valor are you displaying when your inner flame has blown away and the darkness prevails!
Sitting in a corner,you are observing peak performances, feelings of envy and discomfort set in but all you do is be the victim…
You think too much, you think for the others, your mind is exhausted and by now the lover has met his love !
You analyse, you visualise, you sympathise, you dramatise, but freedom is not a commodity,oh mortal one , be wise…
You are learning definitions of freedom from various sources, running after different enlightened masters but , only you can answer your question….
Kill the resistance, throw the ego ,thrash away  these irrational thoughts,  beat up escapism…
Let this be your stepping stone, walk swiftly, save yourself from those narrow minded elements …
Keep walking until you know your journey, stop hunting the destination and this is your roadway to eternal freedom!
-The Girl in Vogue

The Motherly Touch

Her loving hands held me passionately,

Comforting me faced by worries and scary dreams

Her gentle touch and presence made me feel nurtured and secure, when my head rested on her cozy tummy

Nothing can ever replace those feelings dear grandmother…

However much ever I write, or say isn’t enough to thank you for your unconditional love

Your humble deeds and your ever-readiness to assist anyone with needs made me count my blessings of having you…

Cannot express in words how much you matter, but can cherish those beautiful memories and relish your delicious treats…

You’ve filled my life with colour and touched several hearts deep down inside…

You asked for nothing in return and still continued to give and contribute wherever possible…

Whenever this world seems like a cold and crude place your goodness reminds me of exceptions like you and cheers my world..

You are more than a mother, a friend, a guide, and my support system.

You are a peace maker in dire circumstances and it leaves me astonished how you keep your calm…

Bringing a smile on every face in every way possible, filling my limited world with several mythical stories with various characters and morals, feeding me with variety of goodies that make my day…

Singing and joking like an innocent child, active and involved in every task, encouraging and motivating weak and perplexed students…

Thinking of your requirements after others, even praying for the people who never wished your good…

An angel in disguise I have realised, the secret was revealed when I saw your aura lighten and change a world of sorrow …

By The Girl in Vogue

Singing and joking like an innocent child, active and involved in every task, encouraging and motivating weak and perplexed students…

Thinking of your requirements after others, even praying for the people who never wished your good…

An angel in disguise I have realised, the secret was revealed when I saw your aura lighten and change a world of sorrow …

Social Acceptance

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Everybody has the need to be accepted, but the means used by some to serve that purpose maybe unethical, wrong and a contrast to their usual behavior and choices. And sometimes, in order to be accepted we are ready to cross every limitation set by us for ourselves which we can call morals or conscience. In order to “fit in” we try to change ourselves internally or externally. Even temporary popularity satisfies us because we are so desperate to be known, remembered, and liked for that short period. We forget how to be authentic and lose our inner innocence and purity. In today’s age and stage all of us, in some or the other sphere of our lives are forced to commit and engage into unwanted and undesirable activities to have a certain repute amongst our peer groups.

A person untouched by modern trends and language is considered uncool, weird and old- fashioned. Terms like “BEHENJI” or “AUNTY” are used for referring to people who choose not to indulge in any undignified and prohibited act. Media has a major role to play in this as it influences the young mind from the beginning, which is extremely gullible and like a sponge soaking in what he or she is exposed to. Parents are tampering with the lives of their beloved children unknowingly by giving them the permission to watch everything coming on T.V including daily soaps which are mostly   uninspiring and highlights the plights of various disfunctional families.. This can leave a negative imprint in the thinking of young children. This is the beginning of seeing variations in the thinking of children and their attitude towards their elders, teachers etc. This is the onset of being part of the crowd and following the trend of being rude, bullying, self-absorbed and using abusive words in almost every sentence. People have the need to prove themselves and follow the hip crowd, such people are struggling to find their identities and true selves.  Then comes college life when drinking and smoking becomes a must in order to be included and students who often belong to the outskirts of the city life are also compelled to imitate this unhealthy attitude and lifestyles.

It takes courage to raise our voices, stand our grounds and say “NO”. We shouldn’t encourage or approve such behavior from the beginning. There is a major difference between healthy fun and unhealthy fun. Healthy fun uplifts us, makes us feel refreshed, adds zest into our lives unlike unhealthy fun where one abuses drugs, pills, alcohol etc. Researchers have found that youth who rapidly increase their substance abuse have high levels of risk factors with low levels of protective factors. Gender, race and geographical location can also play a role in how and when children begin abusing drugs. One wrong decision can have such terrible consequences in the lives of these teenagers.

Youth involved with alcohol and drugs, face an increased risk of death through suicide, illness, homicide and accidents. This is one of the reasons behind the poor sense of decision-making of people in their  teens or even above 18. They have mood swings, anxiety, lack of assurance and impulse control.

This is an era of short-term relationships where one takes the other for granted, words like love and care are used almost everywhere without knowing its true worth. People end up dating through the internet and social networking without even having met each other.  Rash driving is found among the young adults who believe that these things will impress their friends, without knowing its effects on the under-privileged poor who don’t even have the basic means of livelihood sleeping on the footpaths of almost every road. Many of these people who lose their lives remain anonymous as nobody wants to know about them, nobody is interested as they are considered a burden for the society and the event of their demises remain unrevealed.

These young adults get away with it easily as many of them come from rich and powerful households and remain under the disguise of well-behaved and innocent children. At the end of the day it is all about the choices one makes in life because they would have long-term effect on us and the people connected to us. Life isn’t worth living if our physical health, mental and emotional well-being is unable to support our needs.

So, think wisely and think twice!!!

Signing out

The Girl in Vogue

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When the world passes by in front of me scattered,unstable and so lost that it makes one forget one’s identity
I try to get it back and keep it in the most secure place possible..
Else this unfaithful ,dispassionate supreme would snatch it away and tempt me to fall in the game of illusions, give me fake promises disguising its intentions and cravings..
As today this world feeds on wealth at any cost…but what kind of wealth ?
Is it the true abundance which any seeker is entitled to, or is it the materialistic mind which is opening its doorways and welcoming us?
Let bygones be bygones they said, but how can one  forget the harm that was caused yesterday and the resulting conflict today.
The conflict is in our mind
Mind is the battlefield where I am an amateur player and the decision is mine to choose what is meant for collective wellbeing.
Oh, I wish I was understood  by others.
My  behaviour contrasts many,  suprising but equally scary.
But now I realised that the road less travelled by me made all the difference and this leads me to an extraordinary junction!
-By The Girl In Vogue

Belonging to Planet UNKNOWN…

5:30p.m, Tuesday, July 14 2015

Hello everyone! Hope you all have had a laidback Tuesday which sounds like a dream for all the workaholics. I skipped school today simply because let’s face it who doesn’t like to get some more sleep? Otherwise have to get up at 5:30 a.m,  five days a week. Already looking forward to the coming weekend which is just two short days and don’t know how they fly by so quickly! Somehow this routine of getting up early morning, wearing the same uniform, meeting the same uninspiring, irritable and unstable teachers and many students is exhausting… Have you ever told yourself that you deserve better than this? Many of us feel discontent with our current life status and situation and yes, some things really tire the life out of us especially when we aren’t understood by the people who are extremely close and matter a lot. Unfortunately complaining doesn’t help and it just lowers you down further reminding you what a burden life can be.

One thing I have learnt about life after having learnt some major life-lessons is that it’s all about perspective, how we take things and the way we interpret them, because many times our emotions tend to cloud our sense of decision-making and interpretations. I personally have started exploring and discovering a lot about myself when I started listening to my internal voice and realising the impact I have on others. We often unintentionally end up saying things we don’t mean and then regret it. We look for ways to mend it but by then the damage is done.

Even though I’m 17, I feel much older because wisdom is rarely determined by our chronological age. Infact let me tell you as time is flying by, day in and day out I’m feeling like one of those misfits who isn’t okay with an ordinary life.

I’m way too sensitive and ‘feel’ a lot, I sense people and their emotions and I believe in excellence not competition. Doing what one loves and judging a person on his abilities rather than just academic marks.

There’s a whole world out there waiting for us and a new way of living. One should share new ideas and explore other options because working all day and night at the cost of one’s health, family, happiness and peace of mind is not worth it. I know it is very important to earn a living but, why not earn well in something that makes you feel complete and blissful? If you do something that you love and are passionate about, every pay cheque you receive at the end of a month will leave you feeling thrilled and fulfilled… Life is meant to be enjoyed in each moment, in every little thing we do and if whatever I’m saying isn’t getting through to you trust me you’re living a life without meaning which will just give you temporary pleasure… Always remember whatever your current situation is, it is exactly what it’s meant to  be and couldn’t be anything else. There is a perfect plan for everybody if only we believe it.

Nothing is an accident. Being creative in whatever way and staying connected with one’s true self helps us in find out our actual life purpose which isn’t driven by anybody outside of us. It is so rare to find people who are liberal and tolerant nowadays…I feel blessed that I have extremely liberal and understanding parents who have supported me through most of my decisions and my varied way of thinking.

Even then I have had challenges and issues in my life because I had to learn so much about the world and the way people are… Sometimes I feel tolerant, compassionate open minded people are so difficult to come by these days! But if we are not comfortable living in a world which seems so insular, cold and competitive, it’s high time we create a reality of our own… Many times people   follow certain rules and traditions blindly just because they have been followed for several years and are socially accepted norms. Why would anybody want to ruin their reputation by questioning the authorities? That’s a lot of risk to take. Well, it’s high time we started listening to our inner truth and following it because that would be doing a favor to ourselves  and to  God, if you believe in one! I just want say that there is a limit to these so called limits that have bound us from doing anything dynamic or out of the box. I only have a few more months left in school and then I’m free to live, be and explore! It is never too late to spread our wings otherwise we’ll be forever making excuses for ourselves…

If you feel like a loner or get that feeling that you belong to some other non existent species, that’s the first sign of you being unique and someone who is here to change a pattern, push a boundary, redefine your own limits… This is a major reason to celebrate and enjoy your uniqueness and special capabilities. Just go with the flow of things and give yourself permission to LIVE.

If you feel your thoughts are way too abstract and vague, write them down in a diary. Sleep well, eat food that satisfies your taste buds as well supports your health, treat yourself, spend time with people who genuinely care and go for a holiday when possible. Be in Nature ‘cause she is the Greatest Healer !

Don’t think too much and just be spontaneous!

You don’t need anybody’s approval to be and do something different and most important thing is never lose yourself and your innocence…

Till then keep smiling and loving..

Signing Out

The Girl in Vogue…

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Painful Distances..

Saturday, 27June 2015,10:33p.mDistances HI EVERYBODY! It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything on Word Press. I have been really busy with things at home and yes, a lot of holiday homework piling up for me and I have no sense of guilt at all !  I think being spontaneous and sometimes just letting things fall into place rather then trying to fit them in is good. All of us, as individuals, need to work on our present situations and circumstances which are a reflection of our past deeds. And I know it feels impossible to change an unhealthy pattern which we have been comfortably following for several years. I’m internally giggling right now because what I’m sharing with you is exactly the solution to all my current issues and that’s why I write.. As sometimes unknowingly while typing I end up answering my own questions and doubts. With our fast-paced lifestyles and tiring schedules we become so lost and restless that our intimate relationships become stagnant and start to lose their zest. It’s a slow process but when it reaches mid-way we become flustered and start drawing boundaries between one another, and when that happens it leads to lack of communication, arguments and misunderstandings. Things can then become very unpleasant and miserable, people forget to love and express and most of all the introverts further shut themselves to the sensitive and expressive ones. When that happens it almost feels like you’re having a stranger living under the same roof with you. Space and personal time is extremely important for every relationship as it gives the individual time to reflect and grow. Being close to a person does not mean being physically present all the time , but means having such a close connection and strong bond that no matter what the issue is and however distant you are from each other you are still fully involved and there through the person’s thick and thin. Sometimes just surprise your loved one or tell him/her how much you love them. Even a warm hug is equally effective and cheering. Always remember at the end of the day, in whatever situation we are it’s these close relationships which become our pillars of support, affection and understanding.


… Signing out

The Girl in Vogue…

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The average existence

May 28 2015,11:12

Hey guys! How are you? I’ve had a pretty relaxed and laidback day today. Since I have my vacations currently I have loads of time to think about my life’s present and future goals, which I sometimes fail to fulfill because of my laziness and habit of procrastination.

It is such an uncomfortable and disheartening feeling to be a part of the rat race where we are constantly competing against each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Honestly it makes me wanna throw-up. Why are we praised and appreciated for being a part of the crowd, what we call being “NORMAL”… Why aren’t variety, diversity, and creativity in different areas not given equal importance in a report card of a school student?

Each and every individual in this world has talents in one or more areas. Every talent should count.. It’s just that most people’s openness to something new is limited because it doesn’t fit into the “general or familiar” category.

We do not come out of our comfort zones and truly accept uniqueness, even though some may preach and give lectures about it. If any of you today feel useless or good for nothing, it’s not your fault. Yeah, it surely doesn’t mean you should sit and stare at the walls and feel sorry for yourself. It’s just that if your strengths and talents aren’t given any recognition and importance because people feel that you aren’t going anywhere in life, know that it is their limited perception and thinking.


In schools, students tend to be classified in the average or satisfactory category, which is almost equivalent to having a strictly constructed caste system. Let me tell you, those people who come under the topper or achiever category get more opportunities, recognition, attention, popularity and appreciation compared to the mediocre and low performers’ category.

The High school results recently came out in India and a number of students have scored above 90% marks. They & their parents flaunt these marks as a supreme achievement.. But what about the average students with a 65% or 70%. They feel embarrassed and ashamed of sharing their marks, have regrets and worry about the future that’s ahead of them. The college cut-off’s are absolutely disgusting, it makes my blood boil. Even getting a 95% isn’t enough to prove your academic capabilities in order to get admission in some of the colleges.


Anyway, as of now comprehensive changes in the education system seems a distant dream..

The least we can do is encourage and support children with different talents, interests & skills.

Give them a fair and equal chance.

Let them shine because it’s the so called average, creative and aspirational people who walk a fine line, having balance between education and knowledge and eventually do well in life.


Till then just keep living and loving.

Do more than just existing.

Signing out

The Girl in Vogue…

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Taking the road less travelled…

21st May 2015 , 10:55

Today I have just been procrastinating even the simplest chores that I had to do . I’ve been quite lazy and lethargic the entire day today or should I say almost everyday! Hahahah ! yeah that’s me. So , do you feel that you are different in extreme measures from the rest of the HAPPENING crowd? Do you feel neglected or excluded from your peer groups? Do you feel lonely and isolated or that there isn’t anyone in this entire universe who can understand what you are going through? Do you feel that you have lost trust in people because you’ve been betrayed and taken for granted far too many times ? If most of the answers to the questions I asked you is a “YES”, then like me you are a person who’s taking the road less travelled because you have been made for far important and magnificent things which can only be done by people who are very emotionally sensitive and aware. The word “SENSITIVE” should not be misinterpreted because it doesn’t mean that the more you express your emotions or react the more sensitive you are. It means that you are empathetic towards people who haven’t received as much as you have or you give more emphasis on collective well-being and welfare rather than your own emotions and feelings. Let me tell you this world is filled with indifferent, cold, insensitive, crude, bitter and self-absorbed people and it’s very easy to be that way. We might get temporary respect, popularity, fame, repute etc but you will never earn true and long lasting relationships which is the only thing that keeps us going in times of need . It’s not about the number but the quality of relationships that matter, how authentic they are is the most important. Its my sincere request to you if you are an emotionally sensitive and open person please stay the way you are because this world lacks of such people and it’s you who in the long term will have a life of beautiful bonds and ties which will stay with you forever come, what, may ! If you’re surrounded with people who are aren’t emotionally aligned with you that means are bitter, and self-centered people celebrate yourself because you are not like the rest, and just treat them like patients who are unaware of their actions and are people who have been hurt and haven’t received enough love. Because its only the people who have been hurt can further hurt other beings.

So take the road less travelled as it’ll make all the difference!

Never doubt or undermine yourself because are beautiful and special ….

Love yourself and if anybody finds flaws in the way you are or the way you look their eyes are the flawed ones…

Signing out

The Girl in Vogue…

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In Jim Corbett National Park.
In Jim Corbett National Park.

May18th, 2015 10:33 p.m.



Ola! How are all of you today? It’s been a pretty intense and chaotic day for me. It feels good to have ample time to reflect about my thoughts and what I’m doing about them because I have my vacations right now and it’s such a weird feeling sometimes to just sit and do nothing. I think it is because of the fast paced life we live, where we are always thinking about the next deadline we have to catch up with. We are so caught up with the future tasks and its consequences that we tend to forget to live our present fully and completely.

Certain people in this world cannot even relate to the word “relaxation”. We have always been told as children about what’s right and wrong or what is desirable and not. We are forever busy trying to please others, forever focusing on the external and in fact dependant on the external for love, affiliation, comfort, attention, recognition and what not. It’s a personal experience that’s made me realize that nobody outside of me can be the reason for my happiness or sorrow… We can tend, as teens to choose a more convenient option to blame others for our feelings. Oh God.. these FEELINGS! They trap you if you get engrossed in them and make you withdraw from the real world. It is very important to know where to draw the line, where emotions are concerned or else they will overpower your goals. O boy! I just sounded like my mother.. Just See how much change one person can bring in to our lives, but it depends on what kind of change. In today’s world it’s so important to be selective about certain things, while at the same time giving yourself permission and being flexible. It is a very fine line but it makes ALL the difference.


I would like to sum up with my thoughts and just say that whatever you do, choose wisely and sometimes just completely let go and follow your heart. Be your fun and crazy self, dance to your own rhythms and beats and awaken the inner child and innocence in you.

Love yourself and live life Queen size!!!


Signing out


The Girl in Vogue…


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