Marvelling and Moaning 

“I stood there where wars flourished, I engraved the martyrs on my structural being, these names were heavy and forbidden ..when each soldier fought for hope they couldn’t  taste , for a light they failed to see, camouflaged jacketed men- their families and weapons their friends, bloodshed was the only vibrant shade familiar,  danger  and rivalry playing hide and seek,  awaiting their arrival so spirited. They hugged  the angels of death with open arms and saluted them with a smile so chivalrous and a presence so impactful, that tears were streaming down the eyes of death and let down a royal pour through those moaning clouds as a tribute to these men who gave up their lives , belongings and fought themselves to sleep without even thinking twice…The flag stood still in despair of these ;untimely departures.”

Everytime I visit India Gate, gratitude and pride is what  I feel for a creation so magnificent that whispers a million stories in my being…



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