The Anonymous Idol🌹

I won’t worship,I won’t follow yet I will pray eternally witnessing joys and sorrows..
I am religious but not ritualistic,I shall aid the helpless without transacting  needs in an enclosed shrine of faith…

I won’t bow, I won’t garland
I won’t show, I won’t shine
I won’t devote but I shall deliver for this Noble cause to be completed..

I won’t please, I won’t plead
I won’t ask,neither will I compete to achieve my needs, yet I know you exist nurturing every planted seed…

I will practice, but I won’t preach…you will manifest the Mastery in me…
I will respect but I won’t pretend, you will walk, we will walk the road to non judgement …

If I can’t walk I shall wander,joining my soul to stroll in the presence of a  Mystic…

You are distinguished, you are in disguise, you are shaping forms through the formless skies..

I will express, but I won’t impress, I won’t blame, I won’t label,I might fall sometimes & stumble but I stay aware that the sequence of life is jumbled..

It’s  easy to point fingers , it’s very easy to lecture others.. it’s very easy to lay tall  claims but harder to follow such gestures…

Are we ready? Are we awake? Or are we just an aimless majority flocking for attentions sake?

If you can’t give,then don’t take and if you have to give, don’t be a fake…

It’s time to realise what we are made of.. It isn’t ordinary  when we are lightened with the Truth…

We were walking, but now we are joining hands .., leaving behind those false entities and never looking back…

Forging a new morrow, defining a new space..
treading this path to  heavenly Grace !!

-The Girl in Vogue


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