Free Yourself

September 9th, Wednesday ,10:22 p.m
Free yourself from judgement and laugh on the shallow comments passed by strangers..
Free yourself from worry,and in a leap of faith  jump into the sky and build your wings on the way…
What is freedom without risks? Take it as an adventure placing your life in the game of probabilities. ..
We celebrate freedom, and let go of doubt enjoying it blissfully and gathering well-wishers to join the walk of amazing grace .
Are you free yet ?No you are not, as empty words do not manifest into witnessed actions…
Oh! mighty one… free yourself! What are you waiting for? Who are you waiting for? Boldly bang open the doors of falsehood and taste freedom now…
You are the enemy of your inner truth , scared of commiting mistakes,  mortified to face criticism…
Your soul is trembling in sorrow,  sow your seed and nurture it …its not the time of then or the the time to come, it is the time of now…be brave be strong.
You shy ,little frail lamb, disguised as a mighty victorious saviour….what valor are you displaying when your inner flame has blown away and the darkness prevails!
Sitting in a corner,you are observing peak performances, feelings of envy and discomfort set in but all you do is be the victim…
You think too much, you think for the others, your mind is exhausted and by now the lover has met his love !
You analyse, you visualise, you sympathise, you dramatise, but freedom is not a commodity,oh mortal one , be wise…
You are learning definitions of freedom from various sources, running after different enlightened masters but , only you can answer your question….
Kill the resistance, throw the ego ,thrash away  these irrational thoughts,  beat up escapism…
Let this be your stepping stone, walk swiftly, save yourself from those narrow minded elements …
Keep walking until you know your journey, stop hunting the destination and this is your roadway to eternal freedom!
-The Girl in Vogue


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