Social Acceptance

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Everybody has the need to be accepted, but the means used by some to serve that purpose maybe unethical, wrong and a contrast to their usual behavior and choices. And sometimes, in order to be accepted we are ready to cross every limitation set by us for ourselves which we can call morals or conscience. In order to “fit in” we try to change ourselves internally or externally. Even temporary popularity satisfies us because we are so desperate to be known, remembered, and liked for that short period. We forget how to be authentic and lose our inner innocence and purity. In today’s age and stage all of us, in some or the other sphere of our lives are forced to commit and engage into unwanted and undesirable activities to have a certain repute amongst our peer groups.

A person untouched by modern trends and language is considered uncool, weird and old- fashioned. Terms like “BEHENJI” or “AUNTY” are used for referring to people who choose not to indulge in any undignified and prohibited act. Media has a major role to play in this as it influences the young mind from the beginning, which is extremely gullible and like a sponge soaking in what he or she is exposed to. Parents are tampering with the lives of their beloved children unknowingly by giving them the permission to watch everything coming on T.V including daily soaps which are mostly   uninspiring and highlights the plights of various disfunctional families.. This can leave a negative imprint in the thinking of young children. This is the beginning of seeing variations in the thinking of children and their attitude towards their elders, teachers etc. This is the onset of being part of the crowd and following the trend of being rude, bullying, self-absorbed and using abusive words in almost every sentence. People have the need to prove themselves and follow the hip crowd, such people are struggling to find their identities and true selves.  Then comes college life when drinking and smoking becomes a must in order to be included and students who often belong to the outskirts of the city life are also compelled to imitate this unhealthy attitude and lifestyles.

It takes courage to raise our voices, stand our grounds and say “NO”. We shouldn’t encourage or approve such behavior from the beginning. There is a major difference between healthy fun and unhealthy fun. Healthy fun uplifts us, makes us feel refreshed, adds zest into our lives unlike unhealthy fun where one abuses drugs, pills, alcohol etc. Researchers have found that youth who rapidly increase their substance abuse have high levels of risk factors with low levels of protective factors. Gender, race and geographical location can also play a role in how and when children begin abusing drugs. One wrong decision can have such terrible consequences in the lives of these teenagers.

Youth involved with alcohol and drugs, face an increased risk of death through suicide, illness, homicide and accidents. This is one of the reasons behind the poor sense of decision-making of people in their  teens or even above 18. They have mood swings, anxiety, lack of assurance and impulse control.

This is an era of short-term relationships where one takes the other for granted, words like love and care are used almost everywhere without knowing its true worth. People end up dating through the internet and social networking without even having met each other.  Rash driving is found among the young adults who believe that these things will impress their friends, without knowing its effects on the under-privileged poor who don’t even have the basic means of livelihood sleeping on the footpaths of almost every road. Many of these people who lose their lives remain anonymous as nobody wants to know about them, nobody is interested as they are considered a burden for the society and the event of their demises remain unrevealed.

These young adults get away with it easily as many of them come from rich and powerful households and remain under the disguise of well-behaved and innocent children. At the end of the day it is all about the choices one makes in life because they would have long-term effect on us and the people connected to us. Life isn’t worth living if our physical health, mental and emotional well-being is unable to support our needs.

So, think wisely and think twice!!!

Signing out

The Girl in Vogue

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