When the world passes by in front of me scattered,unstable and so lost that it makes one forget one’s identity
I try to get it back and keep it in the most secure place possible..
Else this unfaithful ,dispassionate supreme would snatch it away and tempt me to fall in the game of illusions, give me fake promises disguising its intentions and cravings..
As today this world feeds on wealth at any cost…but what kind of wealth ?
Is it the true abundance which any seeker is entitled to, or is it the materialistic mind which is opening its doorways and welcoming us?
Let bygones be bygones they said, but how can one  forget the harm that was caused yesterday and the resulting conflict today.
The conflict is in our mind
Mind is the battlefield where I am an amateur player and the decision is mine to choose what is meant for collective wellbeing.
Oh, I wish I was understood  by others.
My  behaviour contrasts many,  suprising but equally scary.
But now I realised that the road less travelled by me made all the difference and this leads me to an extraordinary junction!
-By The Girl In Vogue


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