Belonging to Planet UNKNOWN…

5:30p.m, Tuesday, July 14 2015

Hello everyone! Hope you all have had a laidback Tuesday which sounds like a dream for all the workaholics. I skipped school today simply because let’s face it who doesn’t like to get some more sleep? Otherwise have to get up at 5:30 a.m,  five days a week. Already looking forward to the coming weekend which is just two short days and don’t know how they fly by so quickly! Somehow this routine of getting up early morning, wearing the same uniform, meeting the same uninspiring, irritable and unstable teachers and many students is exhausting… Have you ever told yourself that you deserve better than this? Many of us feel discontent with our current life status and situation and yes, some things really tire the life out of us especially when we aren’t understood by the people who are extremely close and matter a lot. Unfortunately complaining doesn’t help and it just lowers you down further reminding you what a burden life can be.

One thing I have learnt about life after having learnt some major life-lessons is that it’s all about perspective, how we take things and the way we interpret them, because many times our emotions tend to cloud our sense of decision-making and interpretations. I personally have started exploring and discovering a lot about myself when I started listening to my internal voice and realising the impact I have on others. We often unintentionally end up saying things we don’t mean and then regret it. We look for ways to mend it but by then the damage is done.

Even though I’m 17, I feel much older because wisdom is rarely determined by our chronological age. Infact let me tell you as time is flying by, day in and day out I’m feeling like one of those misfits who isn’t okay with an ordinary life.

I’m way too sensitive and ‘feel’ a lot, I sense people and their emotions and I believe in excellence not competition. Doing what one loves and judging a person on his abilities rather than just academic marks.

There’s a whole world out there waiting for us and a new way of living. One should share new ideas and explore other options because working all day and night at the cost of one’s health, family, happiness and peace of mind is not worth it. I know it is very important to earn a living but, why not earn well in something that makes you feel complete and blissful? If you do something that you love and are passionate about, every pay cheque you receive at the end of a month will leave you feeling thrilled and fulfilled… Life is meant to be enjoyed in each moment, in every little thing we do and if whatever I’m saying isn’t getting through to you trust me you’re living a life without meaning which will just give you temporary pleasure… Always remember whatever your current situation is, it is exactly what it’s meant to  be and couldn’t be anything else. There is a perfect plan for everybody if only we believe it.

Nothing is an accident. Being creative in whatever way and staying connected with one’s true self helps us in find out our actual life purpose which isn’t driven by anybody outside of us. It is so rare to find people who are liberal and tolerant nowadays…I feel blessed that I have extremely liberal and understanding parents who have supported me through most of my decisions and my varied way of thinking.

Even then I have had challenges and issues in my life because I had to learn so much about the world and the way people are… Sometimes I feel tolerant, compassionate open minded people are so difficult to come by these days! But if we are not comfortable living in a world which seems so insular, cold and competitive, it’s high time we create a reality of our own… Many times people   follow certain rules and traditions blindly just because they have been followed for several years and are socially accepted norms. Why would anybody want to ruin their reputation by questioning the authorities? That’s a lot of risk to take. Well, it’s high time we started listening to our inner truth and following it because that would be doing a favor to ourselves  and to  God, if you believe in one! I just want say that there is a limit to these so called limits that have bound us from doing anything dynamic or out of the box. I only have a few more months left in school and then I’m free to live, be and explore! It is never too late to spread our wings otherwise we’ll be forever making excuses for ourselves…

If you feel like a loner or get that feeling that you belong to some other non existent species, that’s the first sign of you being unique and someone who is here to change a pattern, push a boundary, redefine your own limits… This is a major reason to celebrate and enjoy your uniqueness and special capabilities. Just go with the flow of things and give yourself permission to LIVE.

If you feel your thoughts are way too abstract and vague, write them down in a diary. Sleep well, eat food that satisfies your taste buds as well supports your health, treat yourself, spend time with people who genuinely care and go for a holiday when possible. Be in Nature ‘cause she is the Greatest Healer !

Don’t think too much and just be spontaneous!

You don’t need anybody’s approval to be and do something different and most important thing is never lose yourself and your innocence…

Till then keep smiling and loving..

Signing Out

The Girl in Vogue…

***If you have any doubts, questions, problems or insights you can feel free to share them difference 2 keep calm 1difference  keep calm 2 keep calm 3 keep calm


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