Painful Distances..

Saturday, 27June 2015,10:33p.mDistances HI EVERYBODY! It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything on Word Press. I have been really busy with things at home and yes, a lot of holiday homework piling up for me and I have no sense of guilt at all !  I think being spontaneous and sometimes just letting things fall into place rather then trying to fit them in is good. All of us, as individuals, need to work on our present situations and circumstances which are a reflection of our past deeds. And I know it feels impossible to change an unhealthy pattern which we have been comfortably following for several years. I’m internally giggling right now because what I’m sharing with you is exactly the solution to all my current issues and that’s why I write.. As sometimes unknowingly while typing I end up answering my own questions and doubts. With our fast-paced lifestyles and tiring schedules we become so lost and restless that our intimate relationships become stagnant and start to lose their zest. It’s a slow process but when it reaches mid-way we become flustered and start drawing boundaries between one another, and when that happens it leads to lack of communication, arguments and misunderstandings. Things can then become very unpleasant and miserable, people forget to love and express and most of all the introverts further shut themselves to the sensitive and expressive ones. When that happens it almost feels like you’re having a stranger living under the same roof with you. Space and personal time is extremely important for every relationship as it gives the individual time to reflect and grow. Being close to a person does not mean being physically present all the time , but means having such a close connection and strong bond that no matter what the issue is and however distant you are from each other you are still fully involved and there through the person’s thick and thin. Sometimes just surprise your loved one or tell him/her how much you love them. Even a warm hug is equally effective and cheering. Always remember at the end of the day, in whatever situation we are it’s these close relationships which become our pillars of support, affection and understanding.


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