The average existence

May 28 2015,11:12

Hey guys! How are you? I’ve had a pretty relaxed and laidback day today. Since I have my vacations currently I have loads of time to think about my life’s present and future goals, which I sometimes fail to fulfill because of my laziness and habit of procrastination.

It is such an uncomfortable and disheartening feeling to be a part of the rat race where we are constantly competing against each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Honestly it makes me wanna throw-up. Why are we praised and appreciated for being a part of the crowd, what we call being “NORMAL”… Why aren’t variety, diversity, and creativity in different areas not given equal importance in a report card of a school student?

Each and every individual in this world has talents in one or more areas. Every talent should count.. It’s just that most people’s openness to something new is limited because it doesn’t fit into the “general or familiar” category.

We do not come out of our comfort zones and truly accept uniqueness, even though some may preach and give lectures about it. If any of you today feel useless or good for nothing, it’s not your fault. Yeah, it surely doesn’t mean you should sit and stare at the walls and feel sorry for yourself. It’s just that if your strengths and talents aren’t given any recognition and importance because people feel that you aren’t going anywhere in life, know that it is their limited perception and thinking.


In schools, students tend to be classified in the average or satisfactory category, which is almost equivalent to having a strictly constructed caste system. Let me tell you, those people who come under the topper or achiever category get more opportunities, recognition, attention, popularity and appreciation compared to the mediocre and low performers’ category.

The High school results recently came out in India and a number of students have scored above 90% marks. They & their parents flaunt these marks as a supreme achievement.. But what about the average students with a 65% or 70%. They feel embarrassed and ashamed of sharing their marks, have regrets and worry about the future that’s ahead of them. The college cut-off’s are absolutely disgusting, it makes my blood boil. Even getting a 95% isn’t enough to prove your academic capabilities in order to get admission in some of the colleges.


Anyway, as of now comprehensive changes in the education system seems a distant dream..

The least we can do is encourage and support children with different talents, interests & skills.

Give them a fair and equal chance.

Let them shine because it’s the so called average, creative and aspirational people who walk a fine line, having balance between education and knowledge and eventually do well in life.


Till then just keep living and loving.

Do more than just existing.

Signing out

The Girl in Vogue…

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