Taking the road less travelled…

21st May 2015 , 10:55

Today I have just been procrastinating even the simplest chores that I had to do . I’ve been quite lazy and lethargic the entire day today or should I say almost everyday! Hahahah ! yeah that’s me. So , do you feel that you are different in extreme measures from the rest of the HAPPENING crowd? Do you feel neglected or excluded from your peer groups? Do you feel lonely and isolated or that there isn’t anyone in this entire universe who can understand what you are going through? Do you feel that you have lost trust in people because you’ve been betrayed and taken for granted far too many times ? If most of the answers to the questions I asked you is a “YES”, then like me you are a person who’s taking the road less travelled because you have been made for far important and magnificent things which can only be done by people who are very emotionally sensitive and aware. The word “SENSITIVE” should not be misinterpreted because it doesn’t mean that the more you express your emotions or react the more sensitive you are. It means that you are empathetic towards people who haven’t received as much as you have or you give more emphasis on collective well-being and welfare rather than your own emotions and feelings. Let me tell you this world is filled with indifferent, cold, insensitive, crude, bitter and self-absorbed people and it’s very easy to be that way. We might get temporary respect, popularity, fame, repute etc but you will never earn true and long lasting relationships which is the only thing that keeps us going in times of need . It’s not about the number but the quality of relationships that matter, how authentic they are is the most important. Its my sincere request to you if you are an emotionally sensitive and open person please stay the way you are because this world lacks of such people and it’s you who in the long term will have a life of beautiful bonds and ties which will stay with you forever come, what, may ! If you’re surrounded with people who are aren’t emotionally aligned with you that means are bitter, and self-centered people celebrate yourself because you are not like the rest, and just treat them like patients who are unaware of their actions and are people who have been hurt and haven’t received enough love. Because its only the people who have been hurt can further hurt other beings.

So take the road less travelled as it’ll make all the difference!

Never doubt or undermine yourself because are beautiful and special ….

Love yourself and if anybody finds flaws in the way you are or the way you look their eyes are the flawed ones…

Signing out

The Girl in Vogue…

***If you have any doubts, questions, problems or insights you can feel free to share them with thegirlinvogue15999@gmail.com


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