In Jim Corbett National Park.
In Jim Corbett National Park.

May18th, 2015 10:33 p.m.



Ola! How are all of you today? It’s been a pretty intense and chaotic day for me. It feels good to have ample time to reflect about my thoughts and what I’m doing about them because I have my vacations right now and it’s such a weird feeling sometimes to just sit and do nothing. I think it is because of the fast paced life we live, where we are always thinking about the next deadline we have to catch up with. We are so caught up with the future tasks and its consequences that we tend to forget to live our present fully and completely.

Certain people in this world cannot even relate to the word “relaxation”. We have always been told as children about what’s right and wrong or what is desirable and not. We are forever busy trying to please others, forever focusing on the external and in fact dependant on the external for love, affiliation, comfort, attention, recognition and what not. It’s a personal experience that’s made me realize that nobody outside of me can be the reason for my happiness or sorrow… We can tend, as teens to choose a more convenient option to blame others for our feelings. Oh God.. these FEELINGS! They trap you if you get engrossed in them and make you withdraw from the real world. It is very important to know where to draw the line, where emotions are concerned or else they will overpower your goals. O boy! I just sounded like my mother.. Just See how much change one person can bring in to our lives, but it depends on what kind of change. In today’s world it’s so important to be selective about certain things, while at the same time giving yourself permission and being flexible. It is a very fine line but it makes ALL the difference.


I would like to sum up with my thoughts and just say that whatever you do, choose wisely and sometimes just completely let go and follow your heart. Be your fun and crazy self, dance to your own rhythms and beats and awaken the inner child and innocence in you.

Love yourself and live life Queen size!!!


Signing out


The Girl in Vogue…


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