The Girl in Vogue…

May 16,2015 11:32 p.m


In Jim Corbett National Park

Hi everyone! I am so tempted to reveal my identity to you right now , it’s hard but here I have an extremely different goal towards life .Yes, presently I’m going through a major identity crises but here’s the thing.. I don’t want anybody to judge me in terms of the person I am, my physical appearance or my mental age which is in fact way more than its supposed to be for a girl turning 17 this June. I have this bad habit that when I start to explain a particular concept and then BINGO! You just realize that you are talking about everything except the central topic …so bear with me if I get entangled with my own thoughts .So where was I? Oh yeah identity, so basically the main reason I don’t want to reveal my identity is because I am just an instrument conveying messages, thoughts, feelings, experiences, insights and helping people find their way home if you know what I mean .I’m assuming you do. Being a teenager and having those daily frustrations and insecurities about life, relationships, school, exams future plans, family, social influences, decision-making, conflicts and doubts is pretty normal .I myself have several issues to deal with at this point so I just want to share what I feel and experience on a regular basis with all those teenagers who are having a tough time dealing with similar issues, and in a state where they cannot express it with their immediate family members. Whosoever is reading my blog today, no matter whichever corner of the world you belong to, just remember we’re in this mess together and it’s OKAY to express what you truly feel about yourself because at the end of the day who are we to judge or to be judged? Every negative emotion that comes our way like anger, hatred, jealousy, insecurity etc should be replaced with a positive one because it is these positive emotions that define us. We all are beautiful and unique beings who can never be compared with one another..doing so would be equivalent to a crime. Each and every person in this world has his or her own charm and we should celebrate this diversity because there is no one like you in this universe! Stay connected with your innermost feelings and you’ll never regret any moment of your life. Change your life because you CAN and it’s never too late.. so just do it!


Loads of love to all my dear readers. Just keep loving!


Signing out

The girl in vogue…

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